Friday, April 3, 2015

Sing and Be Happy

Sing and Be Happy
Though poor and needy, O Lord, oft am I,
 Thou hearest my prayer when to Thee I cry.
Whene’er I am sad, Thou givest a song;
 I’ll sing and be happy--to Thee I belong!
For who in the heaven unto Thee can compare?
 Thy great faithfulness will I declare!
I have praised Thy Name from my earliest youth;
 Teach me Thy way, and I’ll walk in Thy truth.
Though only a doorkeeper I am called to be,
 Cheerful I’ll labor, dear Lord, for Thee.
To do Thy will is all my delight;
 I pray unto Thee both day and night.
Blessed I’ll be if I make Thee my trust;
 For all Thy ways are holy and just.
Of Thy mercies I’ll sing forever and ever;
 For Thou, O Lord, will forsake me never!

Ps. 40:3,4,8,10,16; 42:3; 84:10; 86:1,3,11,12; 89:1,6

A Pool in the Wilderness


A Pool in the Wilderness

The Lord Everlasting,
The Creator of All,
Giveth strength to the weary,
And lifts them that fall.

Thy God is e’er with thee,
So be not dismayed;
He will uphold thee
When thou art afraid.

When the poor are athirst,
He maketh rivers to flow;
And fountains in valleys
On them He’ll bestow.

In wilderness dry
He placeth a pool
With well-springs of water,
Refreshing and cool. 

Thou hast trusted the Lord
And walked in His ways;
May His water sustain thee
The rest of thy days!

Isaiah 40:28-31; 41:10,17,18
For Ilene Anderson, with love,
on her 69th  birthday, 12-04-96

An Exaltation to the Creator

An Exaltation to the Creator
A star lies upon the seaside,
 Carried thither by the tide;
Foamy waters wax and wane;
 No one can their course restrain.
Horizon borders azure sky;
 Fleecy clouds drift on breezes high;
Turquoise waves caress the isle,
 Warmed by sunlight’s golden smile.
List to the song the zephyrs bring--
 The leaves are rustling--the needles sing!
Ocean and trees in harmony sweet
 Worship their Maker in anthem complete.
May we, as nature, exalt Thee with praise;
 Let us be joyful, all of our days;
’Til someday in heaven we gaze on that shore,
 Where sorrows are ended--forevermore!

Written to our dear Aunt Lynn, May 20, 1996

Because He Loves Thee So

Because He Loves Thee So
If the Lord would be thy Keeper, and would ever hold thy hand,
 If God would guide thee safely o’er the rivers of this land,
If the flames wouldn’t kindle when the fire burneth bright,
 If the darkest night before thee was changed to glorious light;
Wouldest thou turn to the Saviour, and love Him with all of thine heart?
 For He is thy Holy Redeemer; thy name He hath known from the start.
He loved thee with love everlasting; thou wast precious in His sight;
 For His glory His own were created by His power and His might.
If thou, being needy and poor, seekest water and findeth not any,
 Fear not!  God won’t forsake thee!  His mercies are great; they are many!
He openeth fountains of water in valleys; from high places, rivers shall flow;
 Dry land shall be barren no longer--living water springing up from below.
Thou art the land so thirsty; the water, His Word so sweet:
 ’Twill fill thee with His spirit, be the pathway for thy feet.
Be thou His humble servant; let Him lead in ways made straight;
 Sing songs of praise and glory; for heavenly joys await!
The sun shall no more light thy day, nor shall the moon upon thee shine;
 The Lord will be Light Everlasting; thy God shall be the glory thine!
The days of mourning shall be ended; eternal joy thy heart shall know;
 He’ll keep thee in the Land forever:  Just because He loves thee so!
Isaiah 41:17,18; 42:1,6,10,12,16; 43:1,2,4,7,11,15,19; 60:19,20; 61:7; 66:22

For Amy, with love

Gladness in My Heart

Gladness in My Heart
Thou hast put gladness
 Down deep in my heart,
For I trust in a God
 That shall never depart.
The light of Thy countenance
 Hath shined upon me;
I will look up,
 For I dwell safely in Thee.
In the morning, O Lord,
 My voice shalt Thou hear;
In Thy temple I worship,
 Ever glad Thou art near.
Lead me in righteousness;
 Make my way straight;
For narrow the pathway
 To that heavenly gate.
Let all those that trust Thee
 Shout loudly for joy;
Sweet songs of the faithful
 My lips shall employ!

Psalms 4 & 5

Heir of All Things

Heir of All Things

God spake by His prophets
 In days long ago
His Word to His people,
 That Truth they might know.
But now in these days
 He speaks by His Son,
Chosen Heir of all things,
 The Most Holy One.
Express Image of God,
 He’s the Brightness of glory;
He purged all our sins;
 Oh, tell the old story!
Now at the right hand
 Of the Majesty above,
Better than angels,
 This Jesus I love.
No angel hath
 A more excellent Name;
For He is God’s Son--
 In perfection He came.
For ever and ever
 Shall be His throne;
A sceptre of righteousness
 Is His alone.
The oil of gladness
 Anointed His head;
The heavens and earth
 His mighty hands spread.
Though they shall perish,
 He shalt remain;
They shall wax old,
 But He is the same.
Made lower than angels,
 Suffering death for us all;
Bringing many to glory
 Who were ruined by the fall.
He was made like His brethren,
 Our comforter to be;
He was tempted and tested,
 Like unto thee.
If we hold fast the confidence,
 The hope, and the joy,
Then praises of glory
 Our tongues will employ!
Hebrews 1 & 2


His Omnipotence

His Omnipotence
The earth with rivers Thou didst cleave;
 The mountains saw Thee, and believe;
The sun and moon stood very still;
 ’Til Thy glittering spear shewed them Thy will.
Thou uprootest the mountains with Thy hand;
 Thou cuttest out rivers through the land;
Thou canst keep the floods from overflowing,
 And halt the winds’ continuous blowing.
Thou cleavest the mountains from east to west,
 Forming valleys of wonder at Thy bequest;
Half of the mount northward, half to the south--
 Fountains spring forth at the words of Thy mouth!
Pools Thou makest on the wilderness plain;
 The canyons drink water of heavenly rain;
O Lord, Thou art clothed with honour and glory,
 And man cannot fathom so majestic a story!--
As a God whose power knoweth no measure--
 The clouds, Thy chariot, go at Thy pleasure.
Thou walkest upon the wings of the wind;
 O, Thy mighty omnipotence hath no end!
The earth is full of Thy works and riches;
 The curtains of heaven are sewn with Thy stitches;
Thy glory, O Lord, shall forever endure,
 For Thou art holy, and righteous and pure.
I will sing unto Thee as long as I live;
 Praise and thanksgiving to Thee will I give!
With such wonderful blessings, how can I be sad?
 In Thee will my heart rejoice and be glad!

To my mother, Hester Maurine Winings Swiney, on her 79th birthday, 10-31-96.
Habakkuk 3:9-11; Job 28:9-11; Zechariah 14:4; Micah 1:3,4;

Joel 3:17,18; Numbers 24:6,7; Deuteronomy 8:7; 11:11; Isaiah 41:18,20; Psalms 104